The following resources include helpful information about hearing aids, cochlear implants, hearing loss resources, and charities I support.

Cochlear Implants

Advanced Bionics



Cochlear Implant Experiences Facebook Group

Cochlear Implants R US 🙂 Facebook Group

Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant Users Group Facebook Group

Angel Sound Listening Rehabilitation Program

Hearing Aids


Miracle Ear

The Miracle Ear Foundation

Charities and Ministries I Support

The Hearing Loss Association of America

Aid the Silent

Hands and Voices

Deaf Ministries International

The Starkey Hearing Foundation

Audiologists and Surgeons I Recommend

Dr. Thomas Wilcox – My Cochlear Implant Surgeon

Paula B. Marcinkevich – My Current Cochlear Implant Audiologist

Alyssa (Lerner) Aversano – Former Cochlear Implant Audiologist

Sherry Amato, The Former Hearing Aid Audiologist That Told Me The Truth About Cochlear Implants

Melinda “Mindy” Moore – My Former Hearing Aid Audiologist