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I Saw My Cochlear Implant Surgeon Today. Here’s What Happened.


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Today was a lot of things…including:

  • My maternal grandfather’s birthday
  • My 2 year anniversary of working at WebiMax
  • The 1 year anniversary of meeting my surgeon, Dr. Wilcox for the first time
  • A 1-year follow up appointment with Dr. Wilcox.

Yes, I realize that it’s incredibly ironic to have my 1-year follow up appointment on the 1-year anniversary of meeting my surgeon. I’m going to assume that’s a positive sign though.

My appointment went very well. They were extremely busy at Jefferson today so I had to wait awhile but I didn’t mind. It was the first time ever I had to wait for my appointment in the past year I’ve been going there, so I definitely can’t complain.

When I saw Dr. Wilcox he just looked at my ears and my incision from my first cochlear implant and said that everything looked great. He asked me how everything was with it and I told him it was great and he said he knew it would be. I love that about Dr. Wilcox — he is extremely confident. I think that’s a great trait to look for in a surgeon.

I mentioned last week how I want to go bilateral. This is what the main point of my appointment really was today. It was a very quick appointment but Dr. Wilcox said he was excited for me and he didn’t see a reason why I couldn’t go bilateral. We talked about the next steps. Basically all I need to do is get another evaluation done with one of their audiologists and have my insurance approve it. That’s all.

This will be a much quicker process than it was when I got my first implant. And getting my first implant was easy! They already know I’m a candidate. The evaluation is just to have the documentation to send to the insurance company. I pretty much already know that my insurance provider, Aetna, will cover it. I already looked it up and it pretty much said they would.

My appointment for my evaluation is on October 27th. I also made an appointment to see Dr. Wilcox again that day. They will contact my insurance company once they finish the evaluation to find out of the surgery is approved. I will likely know that day and if approved, schedule my surgery.

Once I got the approval for my surgery the first time I was able to schedule it exactly a week later. There’s a chance I could have my second cochlear implant by the first week of November. It’s actually quite likely. It would be kinda cool if it was November 17th though — that’s the date I got implanted the first time. But of course I want to try to get it done as soon as possible.

I’m so excited. I’m really not nervous or scared at all this time around because I already know what to expect. I’m actually already planning out which color I want to get. I definitely want to get a different color so I can mix and match with the blue one I already have. Initially, I wanted the green but I  don’t think they  make it anymore. I hear there’s a new red called Ruby which I’d like. If that’s not available silver or gold sound good too. More than likely silver though. But we will see.

Please keep me in your prayers and pray that everything goes through smoothly and that I get approved! I have a great feeling about this!

2 thoughts on “I Saw My Cochlear Implant Surgeon Today. Here’s What Happened.”

  1. Best of luck to you on your journey. My son has sequential bilaterals and he loves hearing from both sides.

    1. Thank you so much! I got my 2nd cochlear implant on 11/30/2015, almost exactly 1 year after receiving my first one. It was a little more challenging to adjust to and heal from than my first one but now that I’ve adjusted I can’t imagine how I got by before! It’s been amazing!

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