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My First Impression of the AquaCase From Advanced Bionics


Image Credits: Advanced Bionics 

I mentioned previously that I got the AquaCase for my trip to Disney. However, I never did a review post on it. This post will be more of a first impression that a full-blown review, because I still have not had the chance to fully utilize it enough for a full review.

My first impression? I thought I would love it, but I really didn’t.

I didn’t realize how different hearing with the AquaCase would be verses hearing from my normal processor. The sound didn’t seem as loud or as clear. It reminded me a lot of how when I first had my cochlear activated, things sounded unnatural and unclear. No one told me  it would be the same thing again with the AquaCase.

I knew that the AquaCase would involve putting my processor in a little waterproof box-like case, but it was still really weird to me to have the processor in a box clipped to my shirt rather than resting behind my ear. I kept trying to touch my ear and feel it. It felt like something was missing.

Having the microphone inside my headpiece rather than on the processor was also very weird to me. I think this might explain why sound didn’t seem as clear to me.


Image Credits: Advanced Bionics

Despite getting the AquaCase and making sure I had it set up for my Disney trip, I didn’t use it at all in Disney. On my first full day in Disney I initially had it on. I will admit I felt a little self-conscious with the wires. I knew my boyfriend wouldn’t mind at all. He’s already seen them. But I was also with my boyfriend’s family who wasn’t used to all of that and who didn’t know me as well and it did seem a little awkward around them. However, I probably would’ve kept it on if I could hear better out of it.

I tried to call my mom while wearing the AquaCase on the first day. It was not raining and I had no plans to go swimming, but I was in Florida where it is known to be hot and I was going to do a lot of walking and more than likely get sweaty, so the AquaCase seemed like a good idea to protect my cochlear from sweat and moisture. I had a problem with this when I tried to work out at the gym with my cochlear — all the sweat and humidity shortened it out and I had to send it out for repairs. This was exactly the kind of problem I was looking to avoid. However, I was extremely disappointed when I realized I couldn’t hear anything at all on the phone while wearing the AquaCase. I immediately switched back to my normal processor withoutthe AquaCase and was then able to hear every single word again.

That was it for me using the AquaCase in Disney. I always brought ti with me just in case it rained or just in case it got too hot (we were blessed with very nice weather while we were in Disney. We avoided the rain and the hottest day was just under 90 so heat wasn’t too big of a problem) or if we went swimming or on a water ride. None of those instances ever really came up.

I did however use the AquaCase when I went home, especially at the gym.

My first time using it at the gym was a little annoying. I think I may need a stronger magnet in the head piece. It has three magnets which is the same as my regular processor has, but I think the AquaCase calls for stronger magnets since the headpiece is a bit thicker. Also, as I got sweaty it seemed to cause the headpiece to become slippery and fall off a few times. The sound quality also wasn’t too great. I could hear sounds but I probably wouldn’t have been able to have a conversation with anyone. Sound still seemed extremely distorted to me.

After coming home from the gym that night I got a shower like I always do only this time I purposely didn’t blow dry my hair. I kept it soaking wet and used my AquaCase because I wanted to work on getting used to it more. I was able to talk with my family, but it definitely wasn’t as easy as it was with my normal processor without the AquaCase.

The second time I went to the gym with the AquaCase was a much better experience. Sounds began to sound more normal and I was able to hear people and voices and hold conversations better. I still did have a little bit of trouble getting my headpiece to stick on the whole time though. But I hated the AquaCase a whole lot less. I came to the conclusion that just like with my normal processor, the AquaCase is going to take some getting used to. I think my brain needs to train itself to hear with the AquaCase. I am not sure why that is, but one of my theories is that the microphone in the headpiece vs. having the microphone on the processor may play a factor in it. It was disappointing to me at first because nobody told me that I would have to adjust to the AquaCase or get used to it. I was under the wrongful impression that it would be the exact same thing as my other processor — just waterproof. I can’t blame Advanced Bionics or my audiologist for not telling me though. I honestly don’t think they knew and I am unsure if this is what everyone experiences with the AquaCase. This is just how I felt personally.

I think the more I use the AquaCase the more familiar I will be with it and the more used to I will get. I think my brain will learn to process the sound and it will sound more natural and I’ll be able to hear as well with it as I do with my normal processor. I think it’s just a process. I am very excited to go swimming with it on. Previously, I have never been able to hear while I go swimming because I’ve had to take out my hearing aids. I couldn’t really talk to people when I go swimming which can be a bit disappointing and frustrating. So being able to hear when I swim thanks to the AquaCase should be a whole new world for me and definitely a bit of an exciting experience and a true blessing!

Unfortunately, I had to send my processor back for repairs so I don’t have the AquaCase to work with at the moment, but I am hoping to get my processor back from Advanced Bionics soon so I can explore swimming with the AquaCase. Stayed tuned for a follow up post on that experience and how I progress with the AquaCase!

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