Transformation Tuesday: How My Word Recognition Went from 0% to 93% With The Help Of A Cochlear Implant

On March 25th I had another hearing test. It wasn’t my first one since being activated, but it was my most thorough one. You may remember from my post in January that I have already seen great results from my first hearing test. However, during that time they did not test me for word recognition because they felt it was too soon for that. During this particular test, word recognition was the main focus.

They did test my regular hearing, too to make sure they didn’t need to change anything for the mapping. My hearing did improve a little bit in the last month actually, but they really didn’t need to change anything with the mapping. I was pretty comfortable with where I was. They kept program 4 as my main setting and then they gave me all new settings. Program 4 became my new program 1. Program 2 was to help eliminate background noise in noisy situations. Program 3 was similar to program 2, but for even louder environments. Program 4 was for music. I have played with all of the settings a bit. Programs 2 and 3 can be helpful when out in  a noisy restaurant. I tried 4 a few times but sometimes it makes music sound weird to me. I almost always just stick with program 1.

The word recognition test was extremely nerve wrecking. Anyone with profound hearing loss will tell you they have word recognition tests. For years I have struggled with these tests and have been lucky to get 1 or 2 words right out of 50 or however many they do. And the ones I get right usually aren’t because I can hear them, but rather because I took a lucky guess. I have been heartbroken over these tests. I have cried many times after these tests.They have been very brutal.

I knew it would be different this time around, but it was still very nerve wrecking. I, and everyone around me including my parents, audiologists, and boyfriend, all had pretty high expectations for this test. Which definitely helped to make it more nerve wrecking. However, our expectations were not only met, but they were exceeded.

First they did a few words. I did pretty well with them. The ones I got wrong I wasn’t too far off with. I usually said something that rhymed or sounded similar to the word it was supposed to be. I find that sometimes I struggle with hear the first few sounds or syllables of a word, but I can usually guess the second half. I’m not entirely sure why that is. I’m sure that in time I’ll get better and manage to hear all of the words though. I scored a 68% on this test. It’s not bad at all when you consider how I previously had a 0%. Take a look:

68% word recognition

The sentences were much easier for me. It’s always easier for me when I have other words to fall back on. Some of the sentences definitely caught me off guard though because they were random and at times didn’t make any sense at all. My audiologist did warn me about that though. I did great on these actually. I scored a whopping 93%!

93% word recognition

I was absolutely THRILLED by both of these results. I can’t say that mom didn’t cry, but I can say it was the first time we cried over hearing test results for a good reason. Seeing results like this was such an incredible improvement. It was not something we ever though we’d see. It was actually a bit overwhelming but in the best way possible. And you know the best part of all? It’s only going up from here!

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