Post Cochlear Implant Surgery: The Removal of Stitches And Testing of Equipment PLUS WHEN MY ACTIVATION WILL BE!


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Today was a really big day, even though it started off just being about me getting my stitches out. I wasn’t even going to meet with the audiologists until next week. My original appointment with the audiologist to test equipment was scheduled for tomorrow. However, here in South Jersey we’re expecting bad weather with the possibility of some snow, plus its the day before Thanksgiving. Snow on top of holiday traffic? No thanks. So we talked with my surgeon, Dr. Wilcox and he was able to find some available audiologists who could get me in to test the equipment today.

We started off with the removal of the stitches.But first Dr. Wilcox checked everything out and asked if I had any questions. He said everything looked good and I could wash my hair tomorrow (hallelujah after 10 days of not washing it it has become a greasy mess to say the least lol), wear my normal non-broken glasses, wear normal non-button down shirts, etc. I asked him if I could straighten or curl  my hair and he looked at me dead serious and said “No you can never do that ever again.” I was just like “Uh okay…” and then he said “You know I’m kidding, right? You can do all of that like tomorrow.” lol I thought he was serious!

A nurse cut my stitches out for me. It didn’t really hurt at all. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would hurt a lot.It felt like having hair ripped out with tweezers when you pluck your eyebrows. Hurt a little in some places but overall it was fine. It definitely felt good to have them all out!

After my stitches were all out I met with two audiologists to test the equipment. I got to see my headpiece and cord that I ordered and I guess technically I got to see  the other parts too except they messed up and got pink parts (minus the head piece which was red like its supposed to be) so they have to send them back. I told them if they can’t get red to order the blue but really it’s not a big deal/doesn’t matter. The only thing I care about is being able to hear.

They hooked everything up for me. I was surprised my how light-weight the headpiece/magnet was! I couldn’t even feel it. I had to ask them if it was on.I thought it would be much heavier. It was cool. I’m not sure what strength it was but I think it was one of the lower ones. I know they like to start off with the lightest ones possible. It’s good that the lighter one seems to work okay for me so far.

The audiologists programme some things into the computer and told me I might hear some beeps. She said they were just stimulating the nerves and sometimes people can hear the beeps and sometimes they can’t but not to worry if I couldn’t hear the beeps since I wasn’t activated or anything yet anyway.

I heard the beeps. Every. Single. One. Then I cried a little.

Some of these were very high frequencies.I could not only hear them, but I could hear them well! Some of them were LOUD! A few of the softer, high-frequency pitches I could only faintly hear but I could feel the vibrations which was still much more than I usually can do. There were some sounds that I heard for the first time in 22 years, if ever. I just thought to myself “If I’m hearing this well now with just the stimulation of nerves and not actual activation, I can only imagine what activation will be like!” I couldn’t help but get a bit emotional and cry a little as did my mom. It was so exciting!

We scheduled my activation for Wednesday, December 17th at 2:30. I knew from the start this would be my activation date. It’s exactly 1 month from when I had my surgery. Also, December 17th is a pretty significant day in my life. It is the date of a close friend of mine’s death, or what I like to refer to as “the day my friend became an angel.” I think it’s safe to say I’ll have my guardian angel watching over me on this day.

The countdown to December 17th starts now! I seriously wish it was like tomorrow. I can’t wait to be able to really hear and gain some clarity and to be able to experience a whole new world of sound! God has certainly blessed me with an amazing gift and I’m so excited to experience this journey he’s set forth for me!

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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to December 17th now too. Actually, that’s the date I have my last pre-surgery appointment too, and then the surgery date will be set.
    I’m so curious to how your activation day will be!

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