Post Cochlear Implant Surgery Day 10 – Starting to Feel “Normal” Again

Today is probably the best day I’ve had post-surgery. I’ve still needed to take all of my pain pills so far, but overall I felt a lot better. Pain isn’t quite as bad as it has been and I’ve had more energy and better balance and less dizziness. Plus, day 10 + 1 day after the removal of the stitches meant that I was FINALLY allowed to wash my hair.

But before I could get to the hair washing I had an 8 hour work day to get through. Fortunately, I’m still working from home so no one from work had to witness my disgusting greasy hair lol. Sorry for everyone else who wasn’t so lucky…

I was also allowed to wear my normal glasses today. I kept them on throughout work since they were so much better than my broken ones which constantly fall off my face, but they hurt to wear. The arm rest right on my incision and it really stings. I kept them on all throughout work and then took them off immediately after clocking out. I guess I’m not quite ready for those yet, but I will be soon enough.

I loved that I had more energy today. This was only my 2nd day back at work (Monday was my first and then I took off yesterday for my appointments). When I worked on Monday I got very drowsy especially after lunch from my pain medicine and antibiotic. It was a struggle to stay awake and right after clocking out I took a good 2-hour nap. I didn’t at all feel that drowsy today and I have yet to take a nap.

I couldn’t wait to get done work and finally get a real shower (not a bath) and actually wash my hair. As you can probably imagine, after 10 days of not being able to wash it, it’s gotten pretty greasy and disgusting. My mom did the best she could with dry shampoo and trying to clean it with a damp washcloth laden with shampoo and detangler, but it’s really no substitute for actually really properly washing your hair lol.

I got a shower pretty much as soon as I clocked out of work and it was glorious. I’m not even sure I’m exaggerating here lol. It didn’t hurt too bad to wash my hair. A little uncomfortable but I tried to be very gentle by the incision and to only lightly pat it and put most of the water and shampoo around it instead of on it.

It felt good to blow dry my hair too. I was a little nervous about that at first. I thought that might hurt but it didn’t at all. I was too lazy to straighten my hair or put on makeup today haha but this alone made me feel beautiful compared to  how I felt earlier with my hair full of grease.


You can’t even tell that they shaved part of my head here.

After my shower I took a minute to look at my incision too. I was surprised by how clean everything was. There’s still marks from where they cut me and where the stitches were of course,  but they’re relatively small. You can’t even tell they shaved part of my hair at all.

After my shower I was also excited to put on a normal shirt that wasn’t a button down. I’ve been wearing button downs since my surgery to avoid having to pull it over my ear/the incision. My shirt’s pretty baggy and wide so it didn’t hit it much, but the part it did hit didn’t really hurt at all. My ear’s pretty much completely numb now anyway so I guess that helps.

Today I felt very good about my recovery. I definitely feel like I’m bouncing back to my old self. One thing that’s a little annoying though is my implanted ear keeps popping. I’m thinking that’s probably a good thing though. It does feel less full which makes me think that the popping is just a sign that it’s healing which of course is great.

I felt like today was a big step forward in the right direction. Only 21 days until my activation!

3 thoughts on “Post Cochlear Implant Surgery Day 10 – Starting to Feel “Normal” Again”

  1. I know this is an old post but I was searching for some information to help with my feelings. I had cochlear implant surgery on July 16th, 2021. I had a lot of trouble sleeping the first few nights but that has gotten better. I also am having some balance issues while walking.

    1. Thank you for commenting! That’s completely normal. The closer I got to my activation day the hardest it was for me to sleep because I was so excited, nervous, and anxious. I also had trouble with my balance. Fortunately I lived at home with my parents. Whenever I got up for anything for the first two weeks I had one of them keep an eye on me and follow me so they could help me with my balance if I needed it.

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