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Pre-Cochlear Implant Surgery: The Final Day

cochlear implant

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By this time tomorrow, I’ll probably not only be bionic, but home from my surgery (so long as everything goes well).


I can’t believe tomorrow’s the day. Everything has happened so fast with this all. I am nervous, naturally, but  more excited than anything else. I know this will be a great thing that opens many doors for me.

Yesterday was my final date with Larry before my surgery. I imagine I won’t want to be out much while I’m recovering from my surgery especially since I won’t be able to hear anything from my left ear which is getting implanted. We went to Friendly’s for dinner and then we went bowling and then he came over my house where we talked and played dominoes. I never wanted him to leave. I held on to every moment for as long as I could until my parents said “We kind of need to sleep” (I still live at home by the way lol).

I walked outside with him to say goodnight before he left, just like I always do. I won’t forget this time anytime soon though. Right before he kissed me good night I told him, “the next time you see me I’ll have a huge bandage over my head.” Then he pushed my hair aside, cradle my face in his hands, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Oh, stop it. You’ll still be beautiful”. And he meant it. He always does. A lot of guys will say things like that because it’s what girls want to hear, but Larry’s different. He always means what he says, and you know it.

I really wish he never had to leave. I miss him already. I really wanted him to be with me for my surgery, but unfortunately Jefferson has a policy that only allows me to have 2 immediate family members with me. This includes like the waiting room and everything. Larry was disappointed, naturally, but he understands. He’ll come over on Tuesday  instead. I already can’t wait to see him. I told him to make me feel better and I know he will. He always does.

My parents wouldn’t let me have Larry over today. They thought I just needed to stay in and have a really easy day with the family. I didn’t go to church either. I was there in spirit though and still had my faith close to me. But my mom wanted me to sleep in as much as possible (especially since I didn’t get to bed until about 3am last night) before my surgery and we can’t risk being around too many people and germs. God forbid I got sick.

So I stayed in all day. I wanted to use my hearing as much as possible while I still can since after surgery it will be a month before I’m activated. My Netflix unfortunately got shut off (my bill was supposed to be due today but they charged me the day ahead of time which screwed me over) and it didn’t make too much sense to pay to get it back on, especially since I’m so limited on money until I get paid on Thursday anyway. So I tried to watch TV but then realized it kind of sucks and quickly gave up and switched to music. This will be one of the hardest things for me — going a month without music as I recover from my surgery and before I am activated. I listen to it all the time especially while I work. Silence drives me nuts at work…but I know it will only be so much better once I’m activated (even it does sound weird at first).

My surgeon, Dr. Wilcox called today. Totally surprised me. He just wanted to personally call to ask if we had any questions and to tell me the surgery will be a success, to explain what would happen, and to say “God bless. I will be praying for you.” It’s very rare for surgeons to call like that and especially to say they’re praying for you. It made my day and made me feel so much better and more confident about the whole thing. I know I’ll be in good hands tomorrow.

Thinking of prayer… my mom made one of my favorite dinners, lasagna casserole for me tonight. She wanted me to have a good meal that I’d enjoy before my surgery tonight especially since I can’t eat after midnight and probably won’t be up to eating too much tomorrow. Trying to eat will probably put pressure on my ear and hurt a bit. As always, my mom’s lasagna casserole was awesome. Here’s a pic:
lasagna casserole

Before we ate we all held hands and prayed together. It was very nice. Mom said she has a really good feeling about it all. So do I. She also kept saying “I keep thinking about the first book you wrote several years ago, God Grant Me Hearing. God really is granting you hearing. You need to finish that book.” She’s right. And now I know exactly how to fix it/revise it…

Well I guess that’s about it. Tomorrow’s the big day! I have to be at Jefferson at 8am and my surgery will be somewhere around 9:30-10. The next time I update I’ll be bionic!

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