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Thing To Do Post Cochlear Implant Activation: Watch Movies Without Captions PLUS UPDATE/CHANGE OF PLANS


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As I inch closer and closer to my date of surgery (which still remains unknown, but I should know the date tomorrow :-D), these blog posts are becoming a daily exercise. It’s a good thing though. I’m very very excited. A bit nervous, but more excited than anything else. As I’m writing this post now I am waiting for my boyfriend, Larry to come over for a movie/game night…which got me thinking how much better our movie/games nights may be after my cochlear implant activation.

I’ve relied on subtitles/captioning to watch TV and movies for most of my life. While I am very used to it it doesn’t change the fact that it still kind of sucks. In the US they’ve gotten a lot better with mandating captioning on television programs. However, that doesn’t always mean it’s entirely accurate. Sometimes it’s less captioning and more transcribing. Try watching a YouTube video and click the CC button. Unless the user uploaded their own CC transcript, chances are the captioning  is wayyy off. And when you can’t hear and that’s all you have — it sucks.

Sometimes DVDs don’t come with captioning at all. This is especially common for older DVDs and it truly sucks. Nothing is worst than buying a brand new DVD only to get home and find out you can’t enjoy it because you can’t hear it and there’s no captioning. This has happened way too many times to me.

Even when the captions are spot-on…it can still be kind of annoying. For one you have to “read” your TV. you have to look at it a certain way as if if were a visual book you’re reading. This isn’t so bad at home, but when I go to see a movie and theater and have to rely on captioning glasses, it’s pretty annoying. The captioning glasses work great if you look straight ahead and don’t move your head too much. I love to cuddle when I’m on a date with my boyfriend. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to cuddle up to her boyfriend while watching a movie? With the captioning glasses it makes it a bit hard because if you move the glasses the slightest bit you can’t read the captions. Gah.

Oh and drive-in movies? This is one of the very first date ideas my boyfriend had way before we became an official item. But I had to politely decline but captioning in a drive in movie is virtually impossible. I never been to a drive in theater for this reason. Needless to say it’s one of the first things we both want to do together once I am activated.

I know I might not be able to hear well enough to take the captioning off my TV right after surgery, but it is my hope that within two or three years time I can train my ears well enough to pick out the speech and watch TV and movies without the captions after I am activated. It will certainly help to make for more comfortable TV viewing. Plus, I have this Hey Arnold DVD that lacks captioning I’ve been wanting to watch for like 2 years. It really is the little things in life.

Oh and for my good news/change of plans…


So now there’s really nothing at all to be afraid of for tomorrow’s appointment. I got all worried for nothing lol. 🙂

Well Larry should be here any minute so I better wrap this up now. Tomorrow’s the big day…appointment number 2 with my surgeon! Stay tuned for details and hopefully a date of when my surgery will be!

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